How to Look After Your Car Tyres?

Tyre maintenance is pretty much important if you want those to last for till the time it’s required to change your tyres for another pair. Driving with tyres which are not road worthy is dangerous as well as illegal. There are certain things you need to keep in mind when looking after your car tyres. Some of these include

Rotating the tyres

Tyres should be moved from one position of the car to another in order to ensure that these wear and tear at the same time. Normally the front tyres are prone to more wear and tear when compared to the back tyres. Rotating the car tyres would allow all tyres to wear off evenly. The usual recommendation is every 8000 to 10000 kilometers.

The importance of correct tyre pressure

There are two major reasons why it’s so important to take care of the tyre pressure. These include protection of the tre against any sort of road damage and reduces the risk of accidents taking place because the tyres won’t skid out of place. If there is low pressure in your tyres, your car would burn more fuel and it’s not really economical in the long run. Tyre pressure should be checked on a monthly basi. This holds especially well for people who take long driving trips. You would need to find the correct tyre pressure for your tyres. This can be done easily be looking at the manual.

The tread depth of the tyre

The tread of the tyre is equally important because it helps keep the water out of the tyre especially during the wet season. This allows the car to remain in control and lower the risk of aquaplaning. Tyres tend to wear out over time. This is normally caused by the wear and tear which the tyres experience on road journeys. The tread depth for tyres varies from country to country. You would need to check for it from the government’s transport department.

The importance of wheel alignment

Wheel alignment refers to the process of aligning the wheels properly with the axle of the car. This helps to ensure that your car stays in mint condition and the tyres are also protected from all sorts of wear and tear. This also helps protect the bearings and the suspensions. A car with an imbalance in wheel alignment would not work as well and there would be a noticeable problem especially when the car is driven at a higher speed and over longer journeys. To learn more about tyre repair near you, click here.

Repairing and replacing the tyres

If at any point you feel that despite keeping all the above mentioned maintenance tips in mind, your car tyres seem to be giving you trouble, you may need to replace those. A specialist would help assess the condition of your tyres and might even carry out the necessary maintenance work if required. They would also ensure that the tyres are in compliance with the state requirements.

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