Home Building Franchises For Sale

Some people erroneously believe that buying into a franchise is a waste of money and in the end you get to surrender your rights/ownership to a big corporation. Just like other industries, Home building franchise is here to stay just like it conquered the food industry, car wash, tourism industry etc. To those who do not see a point in joining the home building business, here are a few points on what a building franchise has to offer compared to starting up a new home building business all by yourself;

  • Upon signing the agreement with a franchise, you will likely have at your disposal fully documented design families. The cost of developing a plan is generally not too costly.

  • Most designs by franchises usually come with a detailed Bill of Quantities which comes with their estimating software. Each façade, with each option comes with an individual Bill of Quantities. On the other hand, a local builder who does not have a home building franchise license would have to have his prices ready with him to present to potential clients and would have to produce his own design range.

  • That is if they are not even competing with local builders who already have a franchise agreement in place. Each design would require the local builder to create a bill of materials and would require them to complete a take-off i.e. they would need an estimator who is fully dedicated on the job (without working on other projects) to work for about 6 months to complete a Bill of Quantities. The cost of hiring an estimator for six months is about forty five thousand dollars which is quite expensive.

  • Home building franchises usually offer the best software that is in use in the industry. Rather than building their software from the scratch, they always outsource it to the best software developers in the market. So with the training a home building franchise offers to their franchisees, they also give you their software which would save you a lot of money surprisingly, when compared to running it on your own.

  • Home building franchises usually go the long haul with their franchisees, they go as far as investing with the franchisee so things won’t be too difficult during the beginning stages. They provide you with various things like computers, uniforms, branded clothes, stationery, posters and other things you would need for marketing. Marketing to a target audience is usually what causes problems with new startups, so franchises provide an allowance and they add other associated costs to it. They also prepare a statistical analysis that meets the unique needs of each franchisee.

  • A huge portion of the cost associated with starting up a home building business  is often heavily reduced when you buy into an existing home builder franchise. The best part is you get to enjoy the systems put in place by the franchise without having to go through the stress on your own while riding on the coat tails of their brand name.